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Actors Reaching Out


Every community has its own unique needs, and all communities benefit from increased efforts focused on literacy and community outreach. With this in mind, Actors Reaching Out is transitioning into being a national nonprofit organization in 2018.

ARO has been active in Central Florida and the surrounding areas for several years, and we are excited to continue in our mission of building community through theater by opening chapters in areas beyond the reach of our Orlando-based members.

The first two chapters to open will be Tampa and Gainesville, guided by board members who started with the organization in Orlando. These chapters represent tremendous growth, both for the organization as a whole and the members who are taking on new leadership positions.

We look forward to opening chapters across the United States to bring our programs and events to the widest possible audience. If you believe your community is the right fit for a chapter, we highly encourage you to contact us to start the process of considering your area. At this time, all positions with Actors Reaching Out are on a strictly volunteer basis.

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